Frequently Asked Questions

Does funding come from a government agency?

We are not funded by any government agency. 100% of the funds for our mission come from neighbor helping neighbor.

What are the family qualifications?

You must have children in the household 16 and under. You must meet certain income criteria and you will need proof. Lastly, you must reassure us by affirmation that you will not be seeking similar help from any other source.

What kinds of salaries does your team take?

We pay no salaries, no volunteer expenses, we have no office, only a seasonal phone and our operating costs are minimal.

Where do you spend the money you receive from donations?

All donations are spent right here in Clinton County and all 1000 plus families served each year reside in Clinton County.

How does a family apply?

All applying families must go through an income verification process and must meet our guidelines. For more in depth information, view our page on How to Apply for Help from the Christmas Bureau.

Do other organizations provide the same services?

In an effort to avoid duplication of services, we are the clearinghouse for other charitable organizations to clear their applicants.

How can I help?

The Christmas Bureau accepts cash donations, new toys, new kids clothes, knit goods, and used bicycles.

When can I volunteer?

Our benefactors and our volunteers are our strength. Volunteer opportunities are abundant in November and December.

Where can I ask a questions or get more information?

Fill out the form on our contact page, email us at [email protected], or call us at 518-562-1253.

Where do I mail monetary donations?

They can be mailed to The Christmas Bureau PO Box 1253 Plattsburgh, NY 12901.